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Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder in Upper Marlboro and Silver Spring, MD

When it comes to mental health, there are many issues that might affect you and your normal daily functions. One mental health condition that is commonly mentioned is known as bipolar disorder. This condition is categorized by extreme mood swings that can include emotional highs and lows. These are known as mania or hypomania and depression. It’s important to understand what may come with the highs and lows and understand how bipolar disorder can affect your daily life.

Emotional Highs

When you find yourself in mania or hypomania, which is less extreme than mania, you might find that you feel euphoric, full of energy, or that you’re more irritable than normal. This could also affect your ability to think clearly, and you might find that you’re more impulsive in this swing. It can affect your ability to sleep, and you might not realize that this sudden burst of energy is actually part of your bipolar disorder.

Emotional Lows

When you’re in a depressive episode, you might start noticing that you feel sad, hopeless, and you lose interest in your favorite activities. You might not find pleasure from things that you normally enjoy and it can be difficult to find the energy to function. You may also have thoughts of suicide and less of an ability to think and concentrate.

Dealing with Bipolar Disorder

There isn’t one way to deal with bipolar disorder and each person is different. Treatment could involve therapy, medications, day treatment programs, or in dangerous cases, hospitalization. It’s important that you’re getting the support that you need to manage your bipolar disorder and live your best life.

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